VOSS Athletes and Teams

VOSS Bikes sponsors athletes and race teams as well as supports charity teams with special pricing.

VOSS is a proud supporter of local, regional, and national athletes and teams. We appreciate your interest in our sponsorship program. We encourage all levels of riders, teams, and event organizers to apply for sponsorship for the upcoming race season.

How to apply for sponsorship:
Read carefully to ensure your sponsorship application is properly submitted.

  • Step 1:  Briefly explain why VOSS Bikes should sponsor you and email it to info@vossbikes.com

  • Step 2: Before sending your email, make sure you attach your race resume, team resume, or event proposal.

    For sponsored athletes/team applicants: You will need to submit a race resume.
    For sponsored charity team applicants: You will need to submit your charity's purpose and background.
    For sponsored event applicants: You will need to submit an event proposal / past history of the event.

  • Step 3: Mail the complete sponsorship application.

    Only complete applications will be considered.

    VOSS is not responsible for applications which are lost in transit (i.e. email rejection, spam blocked, etc.) and do not arrive by the application deadline.

  • All applicants will be notified of sponsorship status via email within 30 days of receipt.

If your team is interested please send an email to:  info@vossbikes.com


Our Goal
Sports, Healthy Lifestyle, and Top Performance are our Passion. We love it when we can provide our customers with their dream riding experience. 
That’s why we have a creative, passionate team to design and build exactly what you want. We strive for excellence in every path we take. This is  our commitment to you. Let's find together your perfect ride with our VOSS products.

"I am proud and excited to be the purchaser of bike number 3 from Voss. At that time I was a little hesitant about making a purchase from a new company. Going from my old bike to my new Voss bike I feel as I went from a Kia to a Ferrari as it is such a great ride. Reflecting back I now realize I had the good fortune of knowing the people behind VOSS, with their integrity, passion and the quality of the person and family,... I will be purchasing all my bikes in the future from Voss. Thank you Voss for all your support, suggestions, and encouragement in my rides and charitable endeavors throughout the years. Voss's passion for bikes is contagious!Michael (CT)

Who are the VOSS Riders?
Some of our VOSS riders:
  • Mother of 2 young boys
  • USMS swimmer
  • Enjoy swimming, running, bike riding, and all things outdoors!
  • 2011 Louisville Ironman Finisher
  • VOSS Rider
  • Financial Personal Advisor - Independent Owner for 20+ years
  • Like to run, hike, kayak, play basketball, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and just being outside
  • Pan Mass Challenge; Smilow Closer to Free Ride Participant (fundraising through rides)
  • VOSS Rider
  • Information Technology Director
  • 20 years enjoying Road Racing
  • All American Honors USAT Triathlete
  • VOSS Rider
  • Medical Researcher
  • Road and Ultra-Mountain Bike Cyclist with 25+ years of saddle time
  • 13th Overall at the 2011 VT50, 5th in Class. Many Top Ten Road Finishes.
  • VOSS Rider
About Us

VOSS Bikes caters to riders like you. We are all athletes who love riding outdoors, competing in bicycle races and in triathlons. We understand your needs.

VOSS Bikes does not mass produce bicycles. We hand-build each bicycle one at a time and fully test it before we ship it to you. Our mission is to ensure you have the best cycling experience of your life. Please excuse some dirt on your tires. When we say test, we mean it.

Thank you for letting a VOSS bike being part of your family, success, and enjoyment!!!

VOSS Bikes Team - Your Team!

Contact Information

Wallingford, CT 06492

(203) 626-2350 -  (860) 919-7130



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