What do VOSS riders say about our products?



"Everything feels good with the VOSS MUD. The 38mm carbon wheels are awesome! And the frame is super light and stiff! The seat is very comfortable for me. The bike fits me very well, it is very comfortable and fast to ride. It is so fast, but also very easy to control, and allows the rider absolute precision when cornering or riding through sand!" 

"My first race of the year was a little rough.... but the MUD had no trouble adjusting to the effort! :)  It takes off like it has a jet engine and turns like it's on rails, what more could you ask for ?!"

                    Tom Mahan from Massachusetts - Sept. '12 - Cyclocross 



"The Voss Pioneer 29r is really an incredible bicycle; it is very comfortable, stiff, and light.   I had doubts to make the change from 26" to 29", but after riding my new Pioneer 29r all doubts dissipated; it was the best decision to make! 

Honestly, it helps me a lot in each race.  Its stability and stiffness make it an agile and easy-to-maneuver bike. I have used it in different terrain conditions with consistent impressive results.  I feel very confident and safe. It is an INCREDIBLE bike. Without doubts, the Voss Pioneer 29r  is taking me where I want: to fight for the highest position in each race podium!!!

       Juan Pablo "Pato" Sardella from Rosario (Argentina) -    Oct. '12 - Mountain Bike




  "I can honestly say that these carbon wheels suit my riding perfectly.  They really do help. Now I have tubular and clincher sets." 

 Anthony "T" Alessio from Beacon Falls, CT  - Oct. '12 - Road Bike  rider using VOSS carbon wheelsets

Our Goal
Sports, Healthy Lifestyle, and Top Performance are our Passion. We love it when we can provide our customers with their dream riding experience. 
That’s why we have a creative, passionate team to design and build exactly what you want. We strive for excellence in every path we take. This is  our commitment to you. Let's find together your perfect ride with our VOSS products.
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About Us

VOSS Bikes caters to riders like you. We are all athletes who love riding outdoors, competing in bicycle races and in triathlons. We understand your needs.

VOSS Bikes does not mass produce bicycles. We hand-build each bicycle one at a time and fully test it before we ship it to you. Our mission is to ensure you have the best cycling experience of your life. Please excuse some dirt on your tires. When we say test, we mean it.

Thank you for letting a VOSS bike being part of your family, success, and enjoyment!!!

VOSS Bikes Team - Your Team!

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